Laura’s extensive knowledge of things like probate, property assessments, appraisals of the chattels, communicating with financial institutions and government departments etc. gave us the clarity and focus to manage all of these pieces. Her open communication and ability to set a workable structure was invaluable. Laura’s guidance made a difficult process easier and much more efficient. In retrospect, we wish we had known about Laura’s services prior to the death of our beloved mother to get her affairs in order.

A & D

Laura fills a role that is different than either accountants or lawyers, although she will work with your accountants or lawyers. Laura is very good at thinking about all the “what ifs” that can occur relating to estate planning and how to work through the scenarios. In our experience, both accountants and lawyers have standard forms that don’t think through the “what ifs” and we have found Laura’s guidance on this front helpful. Also, both Frances and I have valued the project management aspect of what Laura does in making sure we stay focused while moving the process along..


We were recommended to Laura by a friend and are very pleased with her advice and program. She brought much needed clarity to our estate planning during a difficult time in our lives. She also provided us with some great strategies that helped to reorganize our parents estate in a way that the entire family is comfortable with and will not doubt avoid future conflict.

Cliff & Lori

Thank you very much for your assistance. We found your very direct approach most refreshing and helpful in dealing with sticky issues.

H & K

I felt as an executor that I had a huge responsibility and did not know where to start. You gave me guidelines to follow and even made contact with several for advice as to what was actually required! Thanks so so much Laura for all your help and advice. I especially appreciated your patience and tolerance. I really could not have done it without you!


I started the conversation with my dad and thanks to my meeting with you I brought to his attention number of things he really hadn’t thought of.